Masterful Instagram Tips From Semalt

There's a misconception about Instagram that some business people should do away with. Who said that the social media platform is only for the 'young folks' posting fancy photos and videos? It's time you viewed Instagram in a new light: with an unprecedented rise in social media marketing, nothing should be taken to chance.

In other words, the right strategy on Instagram can boost your brand.

Numbers don't lie. Instagram is slowly taking over as the king of social media. According to Scott Galloway (marketing professor, NYU stern), Instagram boasts of a 50x more engagement rate than Facebook and 20x that of Twitter. This year (2017), 51.8% of social media lovers will be on Instagram making the first time it has crossed the 50% mark. Don't be left behind, capitalize on this new trend.

To get started, use these 6 tips specified by Frank Abagnale, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services.

1. Optimize your bio

Start by adding an attractive bio with a Bitly link to your official website. Note that it's only in your bio that you can add this link. This "Like2Buy" link will direct prospective clients to a landing page with all product details - pictures, prices, checkout, etc.

2. Balance your content 'diet'

Avoid hard selling. It doesn't augur well with your audience. Your content should be a mix of engaging posts, a bit of product information and offers/promos. Buyers report of a strong influence from social media when considering to purchase something. In all cases, the number influence was their friends' media shares. Second in line came the brand's social media (this is where you come in) at 38%. Another 35% cited being influenced by what retailers had to say on Instagram. Take the example of Nike and Adidas - in 2014, Nike posted 60% of its content based on people's lifestyles while Adidas did 32%. Believe it or not, Nike got 8x more interactions than Adidas.

3. Hashtags do count

Create a distinct perspective of your brand. Use visually pleasing and unique photographs as well as videos to keep your audience engaged. Use hashtags that are trending to get more exposure. It may be a tough task, but you should figure a way out.

4. Keep track of the audience engagement

There are some tools you can use to keep track of the numbers. Crowdfire, SimplyMeasured, Iconosquare and other analytical tools will help you gauge the reach of each post as well as its engagement. Just ensure that you conduct a thorough search on the keywords so that you get more engagement. It does you no harm to find out other brands using the same hashtag.

5. Capitalize on the millennial segment

The millennials just love Instagram. Your brand should connect with the millennial segment after which they can spread the word through shared photos/videos. Instagram stories are very popular so why not think of teasing the audience or give them one-day offers.

6. How about a brand ambassador?

If you have the budget and will to find an influencer, then go right ahead and do it. While at it, ensure that their profile is clean and he/she has a big following. Don't be left lugging behind. Recently a research examined a million posts from 800 different brands. This is what they found out - 92% have adopted Instagram where they post an average of 15 posts per week. Join the bandwagon.